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Since 1974, PFA has been Pennsylvania’s only statewide association dedicated exclusively to the metal casting industry and to representing its best interests before Pa.’s legislative and executive branches of government.  PFA also helps the American Foundry Society by marshaling grassroots lobbying on federal issues of importance to our industry.  To keep the voice of metal casters strong and effective in Pa. and Washington, PFA needs the participation by all foundry industry stakeholders in our membership.

Here are just some of PFA’s member benefits:  

  • Access to PFA’s energy buyers group for Constellation electricity supply, natural gas, load response, energy efficiency and renewables/solar

  • Free employee health benefits analysis and no-obligation quote from PFA’s recommended partially self-funded insurance alternatives through Lehigh Valley Benefits Group

  • Access to PFA’s recommended OSHA compliance, industrial hygiene, safety and environmental services from Advanced Geo Services

  • Advocacy on state and federal regulatory and legislative issues impacting metal casters

  • Free consultation on beneficially re-using residual waste under PFA-initiated state permits

  • Monthly “Capitol Comments” newsletter on state and federal issues impacting metal casting

  • Access to PFA broadcast emails about grant and loan programs, state and federal grassroots lobbying alerts, and other industry news

  • Listing in PFA’s membership directory

  • Eligibility to serve on PFA’s Board of Directors

 PFA associate members also receive these unique benefits:

  • Free link and sponsor display on PFA’s website

  • Quarterly recognition in PFA’s monthly newsletter, “Capitol Comments”

  • Display privileges at the PFA-Penn State Metal Casting Conference

Whether you are a metal casting firm or a stakeholder who supplies, advises or buys from the foundry indust ry, PFA invites your membership.  Copy the Member application (for foundries) or Associate Member application (for non-foundries) available on this website.


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After more than a year of considering various alternatives for foundries to achieve savings and better management of employees’ health benefits, the PA Foundry Association (PFA) has endorsed a pair of co-operatives that combine partial self-funding with specific and aggregate stop-loss insurance.  PFA is collaborating with Lehigh Valley Benefits Group (LVBG) in marketing the Advanced Health Engagement and Veris co-operatives.  Even small foundries can take advantage of the co-op benefits.  
For more information or to arrange a quote, call Bob Kachelries of LVBG at 610-336-4800 or rkachelries@lvbenefits.com.     


When Pa. enacted its competitive retail electric power generation statute in 1996, PFA embarked on an aggregation initiative to pool the power needs of interested foundries. By approaching the power markets collaboratively, the buyers group hoped to achieve better pricing at lower risk than what could be obtained individually. The process also enabled participants to become educated together about the opportunities and challenges in the emerging competitive electricity markets.  

PFA successfully formed the largest metal casting electricity buyers group in the nation in 1999.  By 2002, however, Pa. market conditions made service from competitive suppliers less economical than electricity obtained under regulated utility rates.  This condition persisted until rate caps began to disappear by law from 2007 through 2010.

PFA launched a new electricity buyers group in 2010 that serves foundries throughout Pa.  The program’s exclusive preferred supplier is Constellation, an Exelon company.  Participating foundries also have access to consulting services from Lew Cohen and Arthur Morris of Utility Solutions, Inc. – PFA’s energy advisor.  As of 7/1/15, over two dozen PA metal casting firms are being served by the electricity generation program.

Constellation also provides energy services in the areas of natural gas procurement, demand response, peak load management, efficiency and conservation, cogeneration, and alternative energy sources such as solar.

For more information, contact PFA or Constellation’s Dan Hughes at 410-274-9749 or daniel.hughes@constellation.com.


PFA has been at the forefront of the beneficial use of foundry residuals since PA’s adoption of the Solid Waste Management Act in 1976.  PFA has been involved from the development of PA’s first beneficial use general permit for foundry sand, slag and refractory to the expansion of acceptable end-uses including soil blending and soil manufacturing.  Whether your need is interpretation of the regulations, waste characterization or overcoming market obstacles, PFA is available to provide assistance.  

For other environmental needs such as solid waste permit compliance, Phase I or II audits, NPDES permits, etc., contact PFA for referral assistance.  

Capitol Comments is PFA's monthly digest of state and federal legislative and regulatory news relevant to metal casting

Capitol Comments is PFA's monthly digest of state and federal legislative and regulatory news relevant to metal casting