The Pennsylvania Foundry Association (PFA) is a statewide trade association representing approximately 95% of the 150 foundries operating there.  It was formed in 1975 to serve the business interests of the industry, representing its members in the areas of:

  • insurance,
  • training,
  • taxation,
  • environmental,
  • energy,
  • safety and
  • occupational health.  

The Association now addresses these and other business interests of its members.

2017-18 PFA Officers and Directors

Officers & Directors Company Title
Mark Broich Buck Company President
Christopher G. Moyer PFA Executive V P and Secretary
Bob Dittman Allegheny Recovery Corp. Vice President
Alan Brink Spring City Electrical Mfg.
Roger Boose Boose Aluminum Foundry
Christopher Campbell Lincoln Foundry
Alex Vevasis TB Wood's
Peter Guidi, Jr. Ward Manufacturing
Barry Hodge Andritz, Inc.
Tim Brown Benton Foundry
Michael Leib Weatherly Casting
Nancy Brittain Ajax X-Ray Treasurer